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Our team is constantly finding new ingredients, flavours and spices to create new dishes and new food experiences for our customers.

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Look no further when it comes to satisfying those hunger pangs. Qwinny’s was born to bring the best Pan Asian dining experience to your doorstep. Handpicked recipes with delightful, mouth-watering flavours await you. Whether it’s the sushi platter or the poke bowls, everything that comes from our kitchen will leave you asking for more. United by the love of food, we enjoy creating a wholesome dining experience as much as you enjoy savouring it.

South Asian Staples

We have a range of dishes across cuisines including Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Thai that you can have delivered to your doorstep. With polite staff and renowned chefs, we have, hands down, the best team to provide the excellent service you deserve.

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Freshly prepared using only premium ingredients, our food is authentic, delicious, hygienic and exceeds all expectations. The menu is extensive and constantly expanding to enhance the gourmet experience.

The Healthy Choice

We bring joy through food! Our high-quality ingredients and produce cater to your well-being. Enjoy the dining experience guilt-free because our food, including the white meat and seafood, are rich in nutrients that will boost the health of your heart, skin, brain and eyes.


About us

“People who love to eat are always the best people” - Julia Child

We are an authentic food delivery restaurant specialising in traditional and contemporary Pan Asian cuisine. Aimed at making authentic Asian cuisines available to the Indian market after noticing a dearth of it, our menu is an assimilation of original delights from Japanese, Thai, Burmese, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Chinese, Singaporean and Korean cultures. At Qwinny’s, we change the way Pan Asian food is perceived. Our chefs, hailing from all over the continent, take you on a culinary journey that provides a sensory experience.

Our team comes with varied experience in cooking techniques, authentic recipes, and knowledge of the Asian culture and its hidden flavours. Aimed at achieving customer satisfaction, we curate and reinvent Pan Asian dishes, and deliver them to your doorstep, leaving you with a memorable dining experience. Qwinnys is committed to providing you with a luxury dining in the comfort of your home with our signature dishes like California Roll, Prawn Tempura and Japanese Katsu Curry.

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